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Bongo Laserworks creates unique work that captures the beauty of science and nature in unique mixed media art. Biology, anatomy, and science meet spirituality, the paranormal, and cryptid creatures in each piece.Every piece is conceptualized, illustrated digitally, laser engraved, hand painted, and produced in SE Michigan. We are truly your local one stop shop for odd creations!

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Oddities and Curiosities

Kentucky Expo Center - South Wing A

Louisville, Kentucky

2/3 & 2/4
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Bongo has been making work out of Southeast Michigan, focused in producing mixed media pieces out of wood, leather, acrylic, and agate as well as digital illustration, graphic design, logo design, and everything in-between.If you’re interested in inquiring about a custom piece of artwork, illustration, or graphic design work please send an email with your concept and contact to the below address.Email:

Terms of Service

Twitter: BongoLaserworks
IG: Bongo_Laserworks
Invoicing Email:
Commission Process:

o Client will contact Artist with commission request, including reference images and an email to invoice. A Google Form will be available soon to simplify this process.o Artist will confirm the commission, and will invoice. Pay-Pal, Cash, or Square will be used for the transaction. Crypto currency of any kind is not a valid payment method.o Artist WILL not interact, permit a commission for the purpose of, or condone use of any image/design/art or post to be used for NFT’s (Non-Fungible Transactions).o Once invoice or deposit is paid, artist will add the commission to queue.o Turnaround Time will be specified at the time of commission. Generally within 2-4 weeks.
Commissions under $50 will have no sketch or line art approval, but will have a final finished image approval before shipping.
o Commissions over $50 will have no sketch approval but will have a line art approval, and final finished image approval before shipping.o Commissions over $100 will have a sketch approval, line art approval, and final finished image approval before shipping.o Item(s) will not be shipped until the invoice is paid in full.o If any items are broken during shipping, and a photo is provided in proof, the item will be re-cut and sent with no cost to client. If the item breaks in general use, a new piece can be cut for a $5-$15 fee.

Commission Work:

o All clients must be over the age of 18. Any clients under 18 must have an 18+ guardian as point of contact and provide payment.o Payment for any commission under $100 will be paid in full, up front. Orders and Commissions over $100 may have a 25% deposit. Artwork will not be delivered until full payment is made.o All payments will be made through invoice. EG: PayPal. Any money sent without an invoice will be returned and the commissioned cancelled. Crypto Currency of any kind is not accepted.o Client is responsible for point of contact. If the client’s mode of contact becomes inactive they are responsible for providing alternative contact. Alternative contact must be an e-mail address that is active. If client does not respond to any correspondence from Artist within 30 days the commission is cancelled with no refund.o Artist will inform client of any changes to turn around time, delays, waiting for materials, illness, etc. Commission cannot be cancelled for any of these delays unless it extends 90 days beyond the initial communication about the delay. Deposit is non-refundable.o Artist can cancel any commission at any time for any reason with a return on any payments other than the deposit.

Completed Work:

o All sales are final.o If an item is broken during shipping, client must provide proof in order to process claims with the shipper for insurance.o Badges only: Artist will send out a replacement item at no cost to the buyer if broken from shipping. After 10 business days any damaged or broken items will have a $5 fee to replace. Lost items can be re-cut and sent again for $20.General Pricing:o Initial inquiry is free. Consultation is free.o $25 pr/hr illustration and design fee. Artist will provide a quote based on this rate for all commissioned work, plus the cost of materials, shipping, and overhead.o Items are priced individually based on cost of materials for batch commission work. Labor will be charged at $15 an hour minimum depending on complexity of work. (Laser Engraving, Wood/Acrylic finishing, Paint, Ink, Etc.)
EG: $2.50 per batch item + $15-50 per hour for labor.